MAG Engine Systems was founded in 2012 to provide accessory MRO services to owners, operators and maintenance providers of Aero and Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines. Our capabilities include test, repair and overhaul of a wide range of Fuel, Oil, Pneumatic (low flow, low temp) and Hydraulic accessories. We have a team of technical staff who have many years of experience working with aviation and industrial gas turbines and their controls and accessories.


We take great pride in our work and place Quality and Safety second to none. Our engineers and technicians have vast experience in the repair of engine accessories. Their training and qualification follow a strict protocol as we believe that only well trained technicians can produce work of the highest quality our customers demand. Our air conditioned workshop embraces 5S and Lean as the Operating culture. Our Test equipment are in accordance with International standards and designed for quick changeover and automatic data acquisition and storage. We are CAAS, FAA, EASA, CAAC and CAAM certified. We are ISO9001:2015 certified.
We are located in the Seletar Aerospace Park, a half hour drive from Changi Airport in Singapore. Singapore is home to over a hundred aerospace companies and boosts the biggest MRO Hub in the Asia region. The super efficient logistics and the supporting eco-system (large vendor base) enables MAG to quickly turn around customer units. Our regional customers are able to communicate with us in real time, cutting down the waiting time for communications.
At MAG, our customers pay for first class service at economy class price. We keep our overhead cost at the minimum so we can pass on the savings to you. We relentlessly drive our organisation to be Lean and make continuous improvement a way of life. We look after your interest as though it is our very own, always striving to find a cheaper and better solution. We are focused on value adding, and a sustainable business model where customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

We work diligently with our customers to seek the lowest cost of ownership and the maximum value-add. Wherever feasible, we will provide our customers with repair options rather than new hardware replacements. We offer the same warranty terms and Product Liability coverage as the OEMs.

MAG Engine Systems is Located in Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore

MAG Engine Systems benefits from the parks shared infrastructure, close proximity of suppliers, customer and partners within a tightly-knit aerospace business.

Specialized repair processes are available within the Aerospace Park in reduced Turn Around Times.




#05-09 JTC Aviation One, Seletar Aerospace Park,
700 West Camp Road, Singapore 797649

+65 6684 3302
[email protected]